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My "new" Iomega HipZip MP3 Player

  I remember my first portable MP3 player, it was a Samsung Yepp YP-E32 that I bought in early 2000 from a shop on Tottenham Court Road in London. For those who are unfamiliar, Tottenham Court Road is, or strictly speaking was, the place in the UK to get the latest tech gear. Think of it as the Akihabara of London. No big box store sold MP3 players at that time, heck most people didn't know what an MP3 file was. But I knew that if I could find this extremely sleek and classy looking new player anywhere, it would be on Tottenham Court Road...   And they didn't disappoint, it could be mine for a little under 200 UK pounds after the customary haggling. 32MB of on-board RAM meant it could hold 32 minutes of music at the 128kbps quality rate I and most others used at the time, so I coughed up another 65 UK pounds for a 32MB Smart Media card which gave me an hour of music for my commute to work, although I'd have to listen to the same music again on the way home. So