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My New Laptop - The Limited Edition Thinkpad 25th Anniversary

  A couple of months ago I decided to replace my trusty MacBook Air with a Linux laptop. I had a bunch of requirements that I covered in a previous post , but I couldn't find any single machine that checked all those boxes. But then I remembered a machine that was released back in late 2017, the 25th anniversary Thinkpad. Truth be told I'm no ThinkPad fanboy and at launch it was somewhat overpriced for the power on offer but it does have a lot going for it at least as far as my requirements, with one feature that is practically unique. I've highlighted the specs that don't meet me requirements in red, but as you can see it's a much better fit than the machines I previously looked at : Brand Lenovo Model ThinkPad 25 Screen Size 14" IPS 1920 x 1080 Multitouch CPU Intel Core i7 7500U ( Dual Core @ up to 3.5 GHz) Memory 16GB DDR4 (Expandable to 32GB) Storage 512GB NVME SSD (user replaceable) GPU Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2GB Ports 3x USB 3.1 1x USB Type-C (with