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Robot vacuum cleaners need tire replacements?

 Last week I noticed that Rosie, our iRobot Roomba S9 vacuum cleaner robot, was getting stuck in a few places that she never used to, mainly when she needed to climb over a bump of some sort like an anti-trip cable conduit. When I flipped her over it was clear that her tires had worn down as they were practically smooth with just a faint outline of where tire tread used to be. A quick double check of a photo of a new S9 on the Internet showed that they ship with chunky treads so I would need to find replacements. It turns out iRobot do not sell tires, although it is possible to buy an entire wheel module which includes the motor, suspension, wheel and tire for $35 each side. $70 was more than I would like to pay however so I tracked down a pair of tires for $12 on Amazon which claimed to be compatible with all Roombas. When they arrived the box had a couple of steps where they described removing the bottom cover from the Roomba, removing three screws to release the wheel module and the