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Picking up our new Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

Fifteen weeks after placing the order (although more like 12.5 weeks after completing the order profile inc financial details) the car was ready for delivery. Despite wanting to pickup from the delivery center Tesla only provided an option for home delivery but a quick phone call with a suitable excuse soon had that switched back to pickup. We were originally scheduled for Monday 20th but we got a text message a couple of days out asking if we'd like to pickup a day early, on the Sunday. Of course we would! I headed out there in a Lyft and there must have been 50 new cars lined up for collection and only one employee dealing with the slow but steady stream of customers arriving. While he was helping someone else I located our car based on the VIN and starting examining the exterior for any damage or defects. Once I clicked the "Accept Delivery' button in the Tesla iPhone app the car unlocked and I could examine the interior, again looking for any defects or damage but all

The "Flip" Video Camera - Vlogging 2007 style

With smartphones having excellent video recording capabilities, and being always with us, it's easy for everyone to record their own video footage and share it easily with friends and family or even share it with strangers by uploading it directly to a site like YouTube. Of course, it wasn't always like this... Before smartphones we would have been carrying a dedicated video camera of some sort and for the longest time, essentially up to the mid 2000's, they would record to some type of magnetic tape and getting the footage off that tape and onto your computer so that you could edit and share it was complicated and time consuming. Enter a new company called Flip Video in 2006...   Flip video realized hardware video encoding chips and flash storage has finally come down enough in price that you could produce a low cost video camera that recorded directly to it. They also figured out that plugging it in to your computer via USB2 would be a quick and easy way to transfer the c