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Finally joining the electric car revolution

I remember the first time an electric car seemed like it might be something I might want someday, albeit as a toy. It was the launch of the first Tesla Roadster, which had the looks and cool of a Lotus but was all electric. The neck snapping acceleration combined with whirring sound which made it sound like something from the future made it seem like the future of performance cars was was electric. The $120k price tag put it up there with a high end sports car though so it was something for a successful future... GM announced the Chevrolet Bolt shortly after the Tesla Roadster, and while a four door hatchback doesn't exactly get the pulse racing it looked more futuristic than other hatchbacks, was electric powered (for the most part) and made that cool whirring sound. I was living in London at the time and had a very short test drive of the UK version (which is badged as the Vauxhall Ampera) at a car show. It was my first time in an electric car much less driving one and the way it

Goodbye Land Rover Discovery

  There is a saying: "All good things must come to an end". And that time has come for our Land Rover Discovery, albeit 1 year early. We took out a 3 year lease back in July 2019 with a view to buying the vehicle outright for the residual value at the end of the term if we liked it and didn't have much in the way of trouble with it, although we'd also extend the warranty to 7 years just to be safe. While it hasn't been fault free, we have had a check engine light and a leaking windshield, we can overlook these issues as actual reliability hasn't been a problem and it's been a really great vehicle. The air suspension is smooth, the seats are amongst the best I've ever experienced for long road trips, it's quiet, the cargo carrying ability is cavernous and when you get in and close the door you feel like you're sitting in a bank vault. Everything looks and feels solid and luxurious. It's like buying a Range Rover but getting a th