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Picking up my wife's new 2022 Mini Cooper SE

  About 3 months ago I posted about how a short range EV could be a practical choice for some drivers, and as my wife fits the profile (her commute round trip is currently less than 12 miles and she has never driven more than 75 miles in a day ever) we went ahead and ordered her the electric Mini Cooper SE. As a quick recap the Mini Cooper SE has an EPA range of 114 miles, can charge from 5% to 80% in about 30 minutes at a 50KW DC fast charging station and does 0-60mph in the low 6 second range. The MSRP starts at $29,900 for the entry level model known as the Signature but can exceed $37k if you want the top of the line Iconic trim which includes larger wheels, an opening glass roof, upgraded stereo and a few other things. We went with the base Signature trim as it's generously equipped already with leatherette seats, an 8.8" screen, GPS, Apple CarPlay, keyless entry, heated seats, rear view camera with parking sensors and so on. We chose the "white-silver" color op