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New Old Stock AOL Photocam Find

I was recently browsing through eBay looking at old digital cameras with the theory being too buy an earlier example than my 2.1 megapixel Mavica. For my younger readers, 2 megapixels is actually quite a lot and marks the first time it was worth switching from film to a digital camera as you weren't sacrificing too much quality, at least not for photos you'd primarily be looking at on your screen and uploading to the internet. So I decided to try and find an earlier 640x480 pixel model that was in some way interesting. 640x480 cameras were available in some form from the early to mid 90's, like the Apple QuickTake models but back then you'd have to part with $750 to get one. Prices did come down rapidly as the number of pixels went up, and by the mid-late 90's you could get a 640x480 model for about $200 - $350 depending on the manufacturer and features. I did consider grabbing a used early Mavica but as I already owned one floppy disk based Mavica alr