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The last single core CPU...

    I decided to build a system using the last, and fastest, single core desktop CPU ever made: the Intel Celeron G470 from 2013. This Celeron was a bargain basement CPU back in 2013 and thus got no real attention or love, but it represents the end of a nearly 50 year era in "micro" or "personal" computing, an era that began back in the mid 70's with home computer kits that featured a single CPU, or core in today's speak, running the entire system. Unlike the earlier AMD Sempron 145, the Celerson G470 does have hyper threading, so it appears as two logical CPU's to your operating system, but make no mistake, there is just a single core on there sitting behind a thread scheduler. AMD introduced the first multi-core CPU on the desktop in 2005 (although  multi core CPU's have been around for decades as concepts and in specialty applications)  and frankly I'm surprised there was sufficient commercial incentive to introduce a