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Back to the Walkman

  As a teenager in the early 90s my Walkman was a treasured possession. It was a fairly low end model it was at least a real Sony one unlike the third tier brands many of my friends had, largely due to my dad being such a fan of Sony stuff (for people born after the millennium just trust me that Sony was the top dog of electronics back then). He later bought me an expensive metal bodied Aiwa model which not only had a built in digital radio, but even a recording mechanism. Sadly after that it was downhill for Aiwa who were bought by Sony and used to provide budget offerings, as evidenced by the plastic bodied model I had when I had by the time I was leaving college. I decided I wanted to play with tapes again so I went looking for good condition high end models on eBay and it seems I'm not the only one experiencing similar nostalgia, the prices for models held in high regard by collectors are outrageous... so I decided to avoid the expensive and tricky to fix direct d