A Moving Story


One of the reasons for moving to a new state was the possibility of buying a house large enough to accommodate a large room for my vintage computer collection.

At present count I have:

  • 16 desktop computers (each with their own CRT monitor and peripherals)
  • 7 laptops

Plus additional items like printers, PDA's, digital cameras and probably 100 pieces of boxes software, books, magazines and more...

It's really rather impressive that I've managed to fit all this in our one bedroom apartment in addition to our two modern desktops not to mention the laser printer and server rack!

At least I think it is now that I've had to pack all this stuff. It took several days plus 3 large Pelican equipment cases and 48 large moving boxes along with probably a thousand feet of bubble wrap but eventually we got the job done. Initially we'll be moving to a rented house, probably for the first 2 years, while we find our feet and get a feel for the area and our new life, so I've decided I don't want to go through all this packing again which means the collection will remain boxed until we find our permanent home. To avoid withdrawal symptoms I'll unpack the laptops as they were easy to deal with, and the old digital cameras, but the rest will have to await their day in the sun...


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