Picking up our new Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

Fifteen weeks after placing the order (although more like 12.5 weeks after completing the order profile inc financial details) the car was ready for delivery. Despite wanting to pickup from the delivery center Tesla only provided an option for home delivery but a quick phone call with a suitable excuse soon had that switched back to pickup. We were originally scheduled for Monday 20th but we got a text message a couple of days out asking if we'd like to pickup a day early, on the Sunday. Of course we would!

I headed out there in a Lyft and there must have been 50 new cars lined up for collection and only one employee dealing with the slow but steady stream of customers arriving. While he was helping someone else I located our car based on the VIN and starting examining the exterior for any damage or defects. Once I clicked the "Accept Delivery' button in the Tesla iPhone app the car unlocked and I could examine the interior, again looking for any defects or damage but all was well so I simply drove off.

Every car is a little different but the single pedal driving certainly takes a bit more getting used to, at least in terms of remembering not to back off as it will activate the regen brakes, not coast, and then there's judging that regen to come to a stop at the right time. But within a few minutes or miles it becomes second nature and a more natural experience than using a separate brake pedal.

I was trying to keep the car free of any stone chip damage as I had an appointment the next day to get paint protection film fitted for just that reason as Tesla paint is not the best, debris is common on interstate roads, and we intend to keep the car for some time. So really experiencing the car would have to wait a week until I'd get it back from the PPF installation.

It took a couple of goes to back into the garage, getting as close to the side door as I could while still allowing it the room to open without hitting the car and at the same time maximizing the space available for opening the drivers door of both our cars. The car had 67% charge when I picked it up, and that had dropped to 65% by the time I'd got home so I plugged it in to the OpenEVSE unit with the J1772 adapter and waited until 8pm free electriciy timer on the EVSE to kick in.

As soon as 8pm hit the Tesla app popped up a notification on the phone to report charging had started, with another some 90 minutes later to say it had completed as I had set the car to stop charging at 80% which is the recommended figure for day to day use to limit battery degradation. With the EVSE set to deliver a max of 32 amps it seems 10% charge is added per hour which means I could add up to 90% worth of charge in the 9 free hours we get on our electricity plan. This is plenty but if I can get the breaker swapped out to a 50 amp unit I'll be able to pull 40 amps continuously which would do a full 0 - 100% charge in just 8 hours...


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