Fall Getaway 2022 - Day 4 - Vegas 1

With two full days in Vegas we were in no rush to get going so breakfast became brunch and that gave us the opportunity to try the Wynn brunch buffet. As we've done the high end buffets like the Bacchanal several times, we don't typically bother with them any more, but I wanted Hanjia to try the Wynn buffet as they're particularly known for their desserts.

The good thing about TI is that its location near the center of the strip, which puts the Mirage next door (with Caesers next to that). The fashion mall is the other neighbor to TI with the The Venetian more or less across the street from TI and the Wynn next door to that.

The brunch comes in at $46.99+tax per person which is a pretty fair price for what you get. The food is not up to the standards of the Bachanal buffet at Ceasers, but they're not asking Bachanal prices, and it's certainly a step up from the cheaper buffets. The desserts were as good as I remember, definitely the main reason to come to the Wynn, so loaded up on calories we were ready to explore the fashion mall across the street and get some clothes shopping in.

The fashion mall has a pretty reasonable selection of stores, just don't go expecting any bargains. For that you need to head to the outlet malls at the north or southern end of the strip which means driving or taking a taxi.

Given the warm weather Texas experiendces most of the time, Tommy Baham has become one of my favorite stores for shorts and casual shirts. Granted, not the cheapest brand around, but the prices seem fair given the quality and fit. I also wanted some new sneakers so I grabbed a pair of New Balance from one of the sports stores, I forget which and then managed to explore the Lego store without actually buying anything, despite being tempted by several rather expensive sets.

Hanjia had a good look through the cosmetics at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, two stores we don't typically frequent, and I have to give them props for the helpfulness of the staff in those departments. The clothing floors seemed to be sparsely populated by staff however and that's not a great experience for what is supposed to be high end retail, they could learn a lot from high end London stores...

All the walking around has us pretty thirsty so we grabbed a milk tea from the food court which was pretty decent, but I'm not too impressed with the "cash only" signs I was seeing at food vendors...

After a post shopping rest back at the hotel we decided to head out to the Chinatown area west of the Strip for dinner. Hanjia found a Hunan restaurant online so we booked an Uber and were pleasantly surprised when a Tesla Model 3 showed up. I took the opportunity to ask the driver how the car worked for him vs the gas car he had prior and he told us his weekly gasoline bill was over $300 and now he was paying just over $50 so he was very pleased. He also said he was saving a lot of money on oil changes which he used to get every other month and the regular scheduled maintenance which he had to do quarterly. By my math his monthly costs must be down $1,200 a month, and there is no way the monthly payment on a Tesla is that much more than whatever gas car he had prior...


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