Fall Getaway 2022 - Day 5 - Vegas 2

 Our favourite Dim Sum spot in Las Vegas is called Yum Cha, but we always like to keep trying different places so this time we went for a spot called Orchid Gardens. It was pretty busy, which is a good sign, but the food wasn't up to Yum Cha's standard so they remain unbeaten...

We got a Tesla Model 3 as our taxi to breakfast and it was interesting chatting with the driver to get his view on running an EV, specifically a Tesla, as a taxi. He said he used to spent $300 per week on fuel in his previous Toyota, and was now down to $50-60 in charging, not to mention the savings he was making on oil changes. Quick math suggested he was $1,200 per month better off with the Tesla than the Toyota and his lease didn't increase by anything like that so he was happy...

We returned to Shanghai Plazza to have a wander around teh stores and decided to get dinner there, trying out a Malaysian spot called Banana Leaf. Turns out this is a chain, but the food was excellent!

Tomorrow we'd be leaving Vegas and heading to Colorado so I decided to give the car a quick top up charge this evening so we'd be ready to hit the road in the morning. As we already had a lot of charge in the battery there was no point seeking out a 250kW v3 Supercharger as we'd get no benefit, so we stopped at a smaller site behind a Casino that had the so-called Tesla "Urban" Superchargers which are 75kW units, plenty for our needs and our first time using one.


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